Sunday, June 1, 2008

Don't Blame Me.

Dear Readers, 
As some of you may have noticed, and many of you probably have not, it  has been a while since my last bloggy. The reason for this is simple; I have watched 47 episodes of X Files in the last month. Blame Fox Mulder. 

Oh, and Dana Scully is a big lesbo. 

Kenny Bloggins (my code name, in case you were unaware). 


rachel b. said...

YAY! I AM SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK! (and Jeff read your post over my shoulder and was indignant about your Scully accusation . . . he probably has a crush on her or something) I've missed you, Kenny Bloggins.

Keri said...

that is a lot of fox. get ready to have withdrawals in russia. or you could just start sleeping with a picture of fox and an alien stuffed animal or something.

Krebscout said...

I'm so in blove with you, honey.