Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Are you ever working on something pseudo important when you realize suddenly that you have something so much more important to be working on? Usually, this urgency occurs while doing something like homework, sending a close friend or family member a long over due email, filling out applications, etc. Each of these activities is extremely important. Not as important, however, as that other thing you never even knew you were neglecting until right now. That infamous "other thing" tends to be something along the lines of trimming your bangs,perfectly organizing and aligning the trinkets on your shelf, coloring in that scuff on your shoes with a Sharpie, and so on and so on. Now I can hear you all making that sigh of recognition. "Yes!" you are saying right now; "I know that thing! In fact....I should be doing that right now." For those of you who decided you could wait to finish that thing until the end of this post- congratulations. Today that thing occurred while working on my American Heritage homework. I was reading about Ronald Reagan's foreign policy when I noticed the Sonic cup next to me. "Wait a second" my subconscious said. "That sonic logo must be outlined by your pen (and only your pen) right. now." "I'm busy" I said to my subconscious. "I will get to that later. First, I need to graduate from college." This was a mistake, because then something inside me seemed to say "Graduate college?! No one will ever graduate college again if you do not do this one most important thing in the world [outlining the Sonic logo]." And that's when I realized, in that moment, it was true. I had no other option but to outline line not only the logo, but the tiny bubbles floating up the cup above it.