Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bahama Mama

so maybe that's a drink, or maybe it's my new name. you decide. well i just thought i'd give a recap of the Bahamas so are the highlights (in no order, really).

1. FERNANDO!!! ok so i haven't exactly met him yet, but i know he's out there.
2. Fernando's little brother, who i have met. or stalked, anyway. we met. it's legit. he's a funny kid.
3. Sting rays in the wild!!! The ocean is amazing. yea.
4. The Most attractive islanders you can imagine.
5. Gymnastics. Not by me, of course...but by those hot islanders.
6. Tan lines.
7. Michael Jackson taught me how to sail. Take that.
8. and that boy can dannnnnnnce.
9. The 6 foot a billion Estonian guy in white capris. yea, you read that right...WHITE CAPRIS. it doesn't get much better than that people....other than maybe his white socks.
10. the drunk guy at the bar behind me. oh wait. that's not a highlight. ummmmm the frozen fruity drinks. yum.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010