Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How Unfortunate.

In a recent effort to save money, I have decided to limit my lunches to a piece of fruit. I generally enjoy a fairly large breakfast, and thus, this is not typically a big issue. Today, however, the banana I purchased from the nice lady behind the counter was slightly on the brownish side. Now, I know some of you may enjoy brownish bananas, but I happen to find them less than delightful. I now have a slight tummy ache, and I blame the banana entirely.

In other news, when I awoke this morning, I discovered my pinky finger on my left hand felt strange. I ignored it all day, but I've just discovered what appears to be a little buggy bite on it. Strange.


Amanda said...

How unfortunate! Лидси, как ты поживаешь? Мой отец в России позвонил мне два раза, а я на работе была. Вчера и сегодня. Как жаль, да?

Beth & Nate said...

I'm sorry about your bugbite and the icky banana. And I wanted to tell you I just saw the exclamation point! next to my name on your list, and that made me happy. :)

Keri said...

oh tonts. please eat something. and i hope your finger doesn't fall off.