Saturday, November 22, 2008

A little love from the Cafe.

The following are all little truths from my magical place of employment.

1. Whilst seating a table of ladies last week, I chanted off my usual spiel about "enjoy your meal," etc. etc... Rather than
simply thanking me, like many guests, or just plain
me, like many more, one lady looked me
in the eyes and, as honestly as possible, said,

"You look like a thousand feet tall."
And it was probably true.

2. It's no secret the entire kitchen and cleaning staff at the cafe are from the land of Español, aka Mexico. About half of these fellow employees speak English. While this seems as though it may get
old after while, I actually find it quite delightful. Although
cannot speak English, and we all know that semester of
Spanish taught me
nothing I couldn't pick up from watching
Dora and Diego, we manage to
communicate. My favorite
thing is that many of them have learned my
and,rather than just saying hello or hola,
they like to sneak up
next to me,
look in my eyes, and say

It really is precious.

3. Yesterday a girl came into the cafe and, hoping for a job, and handed me her resumé. This is a little strange, seeing as most hopeful applicants simply fill out our outlined application,
it was not a completely ridiculous gesture. In fact,
there was only one minor detail which

would inevitably lead to
my mocking her.

She included a glamorous head-shot.


Keri said...

These are magical moments.

Krebscout said...

Being a wage-slave has its perks.

Coming back to Utah?

AB said...

What's weird about that? I always give out head shots....