Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hi Joe!

The other day, a couple of friends and I went to lunch at the popular joint known as Einstein's Bagels. Some of you who have been there may think I'm about to discuss monstrosity known as Bagel Balls (or poppers, if you will). Anyway. The point is this. Whilst we were sitting on the patio, enjoying the sunshine and good times, my friend seemed to know every single person who walked by (including the man in the camo kilt). As we were concluding our lunchtime fun and saying our goodbyes to the wonderful lady at the table next to us, these three super-cool dudes on skateboards sped past us. As sort of a joke, our other friend said, "Oh hey Joe!" to the last stud skating by (apparently she wanted to be cool like Sam and know every one ever born). As she said this, the kid turned and looked....Unfortunately for our new friend Joe, he skated right in to the huge umbrella we were sitting under. Poor Joe is probably somewhere bleeding right now.