Sunday, January 31, 2010


Many of you have probably noticed the current Facebook doppleganger trend this week. While considering who my own doppleganger would be, of course Spock, Lady Gaga, and Coyote Shivers came to mind. I then realized that I don't actually look like any of these people, I just dress up/do my hair like them. I then thought of my friend Bayless from back home, but no one in Utah knows him, so it wouldn't be the same. Left with no other alternatives, I found one of those websites where you put your picture in and it tells you what celebrity you look like...turns out the website was less accurate than myself. The list of my celebrity look-alikes included: Mariah Carey, Lisa Left Eye Lopez, Olivia Newton John, Some Creepy Bald Guy, a bunch of Asian Actresses, Kirstie Alley, etc. My favorite, however, was this one:

was a 74% match.

(*note, I tried this with several different picture of myself)


Beth said...

This makes me happy.

AB said...

Who wouldn't want him as a doppleganger? Please tell me you used a picture of him like this for your profile!