Thursday, February 11, 2010

Take That, Awkward CD Guy!

Remember that time I wrote a blog about being an idiot? Yea, me too. If you don't remember, just read back a couple posts and you'll find it (I think it's right before my mom sold me out). Anyway. Today another lad came into work looking for an audiobook. He had no idea what he wanted, just something entertaining for the car ride somewhere or other. I told him our selection is mainly limited to classics and the like, but I'd take a look for him. I brought a couple random mystery CDs to the desk, and the a few more random mystery CDs, and then a few more. (We were slow and the guy was funny, so I didn't mind). Once again, I couldn't help but reach for a joke CD (no, nothing about sex this time). The CD was titled "How to be a People Magnet." When I handed the guy the stack of CDs, not only did he think the People Magnet CD was funny, but he even checked it out (along with two random others, just in case).

So thanks, not Awkward CD Guy, for thinking I'm funny, and for not getting all awkward and going to the Public Library instead.


Tasha said...

yay! I am glad someone appreciates your wit! But I don't know if he needs that book, because it seems that he is already a people magnet. haha

Keri said...

I wish there was a like button like on facebook. That way I could like your posts without committing to a whole comment.