Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In my future lives, I want to be:

-An Astronaut
-A Food Network TV Personality
-Buckminster Fuller
-A Forensic Scientist
-The author of a Cookbook
-America’s Next Top Model.
-Friends with Ellen Degeneres

(maybe not in that order though)

also, I think I might like to try being a Dinosaur...


Li-Sha said...

i love this list. all high ambitions. good for you lindsey, good for you :)

Keri said...

speaking of cookbooks and tv food personalities, we saw a fantastic cooking show that was adorable and you would love. It's called The Delicious Miss Dahl and you should watch it.

Clayton and Noelle said...

I love your list. All the things you've listed are things I want to be as well!