Monday, August 30, 2010

British people say autistic and artistic like they are the same word.

sorry guys, they aren't. that's just a fact.


Tana said...


Tom Cruise agrees with you.

Jared said...

As a Brit, I hate to point it out to you but we don't infact pronounce them the same; the former being pronounced "or-tistic" and the latter "are-tistic" the difference is evident to anyone with the capacity to listen. Many Americans however pronounce both "international" and "inernational" the same way, not only do these words mean different things but they are infact the complete oposite of each other.

sara said...


what sparked this thought? i must know.

Bakes. said...

there's a british girl in one of my art history classes. she kept saying the word "artistic," and i kept trying not to laugh.

ps sorry jarebear.

b33f3r said...

i'm not british, but i do know british people. after some listening i've realized that there is a difference in many pronunciations. some even in words that americans would consider homonyms. you really should listen more intently.