Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010: Highlights

January: The Future…and NYC.

February: Xtine and I made the cutest Valentines ever seen.

March: ADVENTURE! Visit from two of my favorite people ever to exist.

April: Easter visit from the fam!


June: My blirthday and the epic invention of pop-shots. Also, concert extravaganza.

July: Fourth of July Party with the best Independence Day costumes anyone has ever laid eyes on.

August: The sad sad end of Summer, which concluded nicely with the coolest airbrush trucker hat ever invented.

September: Last real semester at BYU. Moved in to the basement with Xtine. Great. Decision. Also I met the kid who would become Prince. No, not the real one, but better.

October: Someone stabbed herself in the arm with an awl and we had adventure time in the Cotton Tree Inn. JONSI! And Halloween as Barbie.

November: Sufjan. That was enough to make the year worth it.

December: My teacher told me I was "hostile and offensive," and then I finished with Utah. Forever. Hallelujah. Also, had a _____-kickin’ time in Arizona with the fam.


Lanee said...

Hostile and offensive?! What did you do???

September: began a steamy internet relationship with Lanee

Li-Sha said...

hahaha i just laughed super hard that your teacher called you hostile and offensive. so funny.

Christine Armbruster said...

I won! Maybe tied with Jackson? Didn't count. But I won the most months centered around good times with me.