Friday, May 22, 2009


the following are just things that make me laugh way too much.

1. saying nip it in the butt, rather than bud.
2. the swine flu kid in the lrc. (i can not look at him and maintain composure)
3. the fact that when there is a window open on our library system, it calls it a "wizard". (ok, i admit, i'm actually laughing out loud at that right now just thinking about it...wizard?!)
4. conan o'brian's hair.
5. potter puppet pals.
6. anything having anything to do with harry potter, really. (wizards! again!)
7. maybe that's just british people...
8. megaphone.
9. speaking like i'm eastern european.
10. most conversations with bobby.


krebscout said...

From now on I'm going to refer your place of work as "h b doublehockeysticks"

Bakes. said...

hahaha no but really, i love it.