Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Labels, or rather, what makes them.

several weeks ago, my dear friend (who needs to update his blog more often, by the way) gave me the most amazing gift i could ever imagine. if you know me at all, or work in the library, you have probably already guessed it, but for those of you who are mildly out of the loop, here it is: a label maker. that is right. a little grey plastic piece of genius that is shaped just like the starship enterprise. while i wish i could say i have pictures to prove it all, i do not. i do, however, have a brief list of things which i have labeled (or rather, what i have labeled things as):

-the ishphone
-western bandit
-kiko lopez
-lazer gun
-starship enterprise
-master splinter
-cecil loves lindy
-modern art
-beaugregard packenham
-the chamber of secrets 

most of these currently reside in the library, however i regret to inform you all that the chamber of secrets was removed from it's original origin (which was, in fact, on the floor map in the jkb...apparently byu didn't want the secret getting out).

unfortunately, the label maker is currently out of service...this is probably due to overuse.

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