Sunday, May 17, 2009


but seriously, this has to 
be the best thing ever. 

and this is my favorite 
selling point:

"Polyesters are neat. You know what else 
is neat? The word “neat.” I don’t think we 
say it enough: “neat.” In fact, maybe we 
should start trying to bring it back, huh? Although I’m not sure that “neat” was ever “in,” I think it’s worth a try. “Neat.” “Yo, what up, that hoodie is way neat.” “Sup, G, you think my hoodie is neat?” “Say, dog, dat red top is ill-sickin neat.”See, it doesn’t always have to make sense, and that’s what is neat."

ps i take it back. keep modeling. both of you...but only because your leather jackets are so dang neat. 

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