Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why I Love HBLL:

The Harold B. Lee Library...The Place of Dreams...My Place of Employment.

Here are two brief stories about why I am so obsessed with this place.

1. Swine Flu Kid.

There is this kid who comes in EVERY DAY to use our phone. In fact, he is
on the phone right now. I am listening to him talk to his mother, who works
upstairs. This child is 9 years old and just yesterday decided that he wanted to
be a zombie for Halloween this year. Anyway, I'm sure you are thinking, as I
am, "What is this 9 year old child doing roaming the library? Shouldn't he be
in school?" The answer is Yes. He probably should. Myself and several of my
dear co-workers have decided there could only be one reason this child is not
required to go to school: He has contracted some kind of epic illness...He has
contracted Swine Flu. This would maybe not be so bad, but for some reason,
he feels compelled to touch EVERYTHING in the LRC.
If I get Swine Flu, I am coming after him.

(Also, I just passed by him in a cubicle. He was both talking and laughing to himself...and now he's back.)

2. Party?

I love to party. I think we all know this. Fortunately, my
work place is conducive to the progression of this love. In
honor of Spring time, we are having a karaoke party/bonfire. Naturally,I helped plan this joyous event. Also, there was
a pizza luncheon this morning for many of my supervisors.
they also love to party, they brought us some left
over pizza...
keep in mind this is in addition to the donuts
and cookies we had this morning.

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Amanda S. said...

I wish I still worked there with you! Bah. I have a bunch of papers I need to burn. You should take them with you to your bonfire. Or smuggle me in. I'll wear my library t-shirt so I can fit in, if necessary.