Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Last January I had some time off between school, so I immediately took the opportunity to visit my sister (and her wonderful family) in England. Traveling all by my onesies has never been an issue (and I should add, I still do not mind traveling by myself), but this particular flight home, I do wish someone could have been with me to share in this wonderful experience. 
Sitting calmly in my window seat, I waited for my fellow passengers to finish boarding the plane and silently hoped I would not be stuck net to a large man who, surely, would steal my armrest. I even went as far as to fear for the future of my overly-salted airline peanuts, thinking perhaps that he may try to take those as well while I was looking away. 
You can imagine my relief as a 20-something year old guy (who happened to be in decent shape) took his place next to me. Surely, I thought, he will know how to keep his arms and legs confined to his designated 4 by 6 inch space. 
    He did not. 
Much to my dismay, his large feet quickly found their way into my footy space. to make things worse, this stranger decided it would be a good idea to bring along some adult "reading" materials to pass the 8 hour flight. As I focused on my in-flight movies, he sat- tray table down, smutty magazines up. Some 20-something year old guy (who happened to be in decent shape) unfortunately took his place next to me, and got his kicks for approximately 5 hours of the flight without even being the slightest bit discrete. 
And his feet were in my footy space the whole time. 


rachel b. said...

That is incredible! How shameless. My story of sitting next to a couple who consumed--I'm not kidding--6 CANS OF BEER EACH pales in comparison. Congratulations, you win.

Krebscout said...

you know what pushed me just over the edge from laughing inwardly to laughing outloud? the fact that the last sentence is slightly enlarged