Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thank you...

If any of you have ever spent much time with me, you know I have an Adam's apple and am well aware of it. Perhaps it is the shorter than average hair. I don't know, but for some reason, I have received a number of very awkward gender related compliments...

Example one.

At some point during my time in high school, a girl I knew who often gave strange compliments decided I was worthy of one such compliment. We will call her Jan (that is not her real name).

Jan: You look really cute today Lindsey!
Me: Thanks Jan.
Jan: NO, I mean you look REALLY cute today.
Me: Um. Thanks.
Jan: No, you look like...boy cute! You look like a really cute boy.

Example two.

Some months later, I attended prom (my only ever school dance). True, my dress was green, but keep in mind I was also in heels and looking rather girly. Despite these facts, Jan decided to pay me another wonderful compliment, much like the first.

Jan: Wow Lindsey you look really nice!
Me: Thanks Jan, you too.
Jan: I mean you look really good! You look like Peter Pan.

Jan is not the only giver of these joyous compliments, however. Oh no, I have received them from others.

I worked at Mimi's Cafe for almost a year. For those of you have ever worked at, eaten at, or even been near a Mimi's Cafe, you know how much old people love Mimi's. They come from far and wide just for the Quisch Lorraine, but that is beside the point. Well one day, as I was fulfilling my host duties to the fullest...

Me: Ya'll can follow me right this way.
Old Lady # 5,000: What? Where are we going?
Old Lady # 5,001: Oh just follow this young gentleman right here (indicating myself).
Old Lady # 5,000: Oh right, I didn't even see him!
(several moments later as we reach the table, they notice that I am not, in fact, a nice young gentleman...)
Old Lady # 5,001: Oh! You're not a boy! Um... I really hair! It just looks so nice on you...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is true. I really am boy cute.


rachel b. said...

I have no witty response to make, but I really enjoyed this post so I had to say something to keep 'em coming. Well done.

And I think you look like a girl. And a cute one. And I've never even noticed your Adam's apple.

Amanda said...

I think you did well with the post.

And who can forget Leah's remarks in Russian? "If you were a boy, I'd date you." I think that qualifies.